With over 40 years as a photographer Bruce Gannon has become recognized for his:
weddings photography,
live events photography,
family portraits,
senior class portraits,
modeling portfolios

On the morning of July 21st 2007 his entire personal collection and professional portfolio was lost to fire.
The Bernat Mill in Uxbridge MA erupted into flames and burned out 65 businesses including the studio of "
Life's Images".
On that day, his first camera, thousands of dollars in photographic and computer equipment, along with over 40,000 images were lost.

On that day, like the mythical bird rising from the ashes, he became pheonix photography.

Know, whether you're a nervous bride,
an aspiring model, actor or actress,
an up and coming band or performer,
just your average family looking for superior photography,
you'll find it here.

The internationally recognized pheonix photography!
Very truly yours,

Bruce D Gannon